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7 Reasons You Should Launch White Papers Like Products

Product launches can be incredibly powerful tools for uniting an organization. Have you considered launching your white papers like products? Product launches:

White Papers and Social Media: A Symbiotic Relationship

Social media and white papers have both earned their label as white-hot marketing vehicles within today’s rapidly changing online environment.

Don’t Miss the World’s Largest Online Social Media Event

Back when marketers started using social media for business, they were like novice musicians. These days, many businesses play sophisticated scores, using social media strategically to boost their businesses. If you want to join this growing band of successful companies, attending this upcoming conference is a must.

How to Write a White Paper, By the Numbers

You’ll likely know what makes a “classic” white paper: at least five pages of narrative text that delivers useful information about a business issue or technical problem, not a sales pitch.

Do the Flip: How to Turn Product/Service Features Into White Paper Topics

By now, you should know the drill: brochures may describe features and benefits, but if you’re going to create any traction with your ebook or white paper, you must focus on ideas and insights of value to your audience.

The Real Secret to Freelance Writing Success

Why do so many freelance writers fail while many who face even greater obstacles succeed? Is it natural talent? Is it hard work? Is it sheer persistence?